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Merging Ecologies is a specialist multi-disciplinary consultancy working Merging Ecologies in the area of Conservation, New Build and Energy Efficiency in existing buildings. Merging Ecologies is 26 years in existence with experience of working on iconic buildings across the World. We have a proven track record in dealing with listed buildings and protected structures.

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With our diverse disciplines,  covers a wide and holistic range of services to the construction market from ancient buildings through the ages, to modern construction.

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Merging Ecologies over the 24 years of its existence has grown to include conservation architecture, with two members of the team having a doctorate in conservation, one also being a RIBA grade 1 conservation architect and two more of our staff at various levels of architecture we can offer a full architectural package for the conservation of heritage and industrial heritage buildings.




Merging Ecologies follows the international charters of ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments of Sites), the technical advisory body to UNESCO on built and world heritage — the Venice and Burra Charters are the key documents for approach to best conservation practice but there are many other doctrinal texts that relate to many different conservation projects.

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Merging Ecologies has extensive experience in conducting comprehensive research on built and archaeological heritage. We cooperate with international organisations, governmental departments and local authorities to carry out research on critical heritage related matters, aiming at setting up achievable goals and giving practical recommendations to preserve our non-renewable heritage assets for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

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“The tragedy is that there is so much more incentive - money - to
destroy the ecology than there is to preserve it. ”